NEC ISS-6010 Switcher

I got my NEC ISS-6010 switcher when I bought my Sony G70 projector as part of a package deal. My projector only has two RGBHV inputs and with all the stuff that I have I needed a way to hook everything up to the projector. The switcher that came with my projector didn’t have enough inputs cards and finding the input cards by themselves can be hard. I ended up buying a another switcher off of eBay to get all the input cards that I needed. I now have two RGB inputs and four S-video/Composite input cards installed in the NEC 6010 as well as two RGHV outputs.

The NEC 6010 is great switcher. It has 100MHz of video bandwidth, which is more than enough for home theater needs, and it can accept up to ten input cards. It also has lots of other stuff on it that I don’t use: RGB gain controls, sharpness, brightness and tint controls and picture and audio mute. There are three different input cards available for the NEC 6010: a RGB input module, Video input module and a VGA input module. It also has an optional remote control. Mine didn’t not come with a remote but the super cool guys at Hammerhead Tech hooked me up with one. The RGB input modules are actually capable of passing a component signal as well, so if you need a component switcher these work great. I am actually using mine only as a component switcher these days. Once I got my HTPC built I was able to run most of my video signals through it. The only problem is at this time HTPCs cannot do component switching. I run both of my HDTV signals through the NEC 6010: my Motorola DCT-3416 cable box and my MyHD MDP-100 HDTV card from my HTPC.

When I replace my Outlaw receiver with the Outlaw 950 I will be able to remove the NEC 6010 from my system since the Outlaw 950 does component switching. As it is now though, the NEC is treating me wonderfully and does what I need it to do perfectly.

NEC 6010 Downloads

NEC ISS-6010 Manual

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