Miatas at Thunderhill March 24 and 25 2001 pt.2

An absolutely beautiful first generation Miata with the racing beat type II nose and the racing beat side skirts. The owner of the car, whose name I can’t recall, was there with Gary, owner of the legendary Hakuna who I got to meet.

Miatas at Thunderhill
This car was quite a surprise. Your eyes aren’t deceiving, you that’s a Ford 302 stuck in a Miata. I was never on the track with him but people who were said that on the straights he quickly became a dot on the horizon. I’d love to get a chance to drive a V8 monster Miata.

Miatas at Thunderhill
One of the instructors brought this race-prepped Lotus; I was on the track in an instructor’s car while this car was out on the track, and man was it fast!

Miatas at Thunderhill
A very nice Miata which was extremely clean.

Look at how clean this engine compartment is!

Miatas at Thunderhill
A nice silver Miata owned by Rawson & Sarah Groves Hobart from Burlingame who were kind enough to email me and tell me about their car.

1999 PEP Miata (purchased in May of 1998), Eibach springs, Koni Sport shocks, Flyin’ Miata sway bars, BBS 16″ RK wheels, Toyo Proxes T1-S 215/40-16 tires, Big brake kit in front (Wilwood calipers, Powerslot rotors), Porterfield pads all around.

Miatas at Thunderhill
Another group shot, I really like the wheels on the white one.

Miatas at Thunderhill
Look how this owner routed his intake to the cool side of the engine compartment, nice header also.

Miatas at Thunderhill
mmmmmmmmmm Supercharger
This car belongs to Curtis Chin; here is a list of his mods.

Miatas at Thunderhill
Right where my car belongs 😉

Miatas at Thunderhill
Just fulfilling my narcissistic needs.

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