Welcome To My Photoshop Tutorial Page!

Hello and welcome to the Photoshop section of my site. The purpose of this site is to teach you about an amazing program from Adobe called Photoshop. Im going to show you the ins and outs of this program and have you making graphics like a pro in no time. Photoshop is a must have program for all web designer and graphic artists. If you have run a web site Photoshop is just as important as your HTML editor.

Hopefully, over time this site will become a great resource for designers at all skill levels and more importantly a place for everyone to have fun and hopefully learn something new. Following my tutorials you should be able to make a great looking web page in no time.

Over on the left you will find a list of my tutorials and my galleries and some other stuff that I have done. Below will be my Photoshop blog of sorts. I doubt that it will get updated all that often but I will use it to make announcements about changes to the sites, maybe share some cool Photoshop related stuff that I find, etc. Please feel free to contact me via the site if you have any questions or comments regarding any of my stuff.


Check out the new look!

September 25, 2009

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been converting my old static html site over to WordPress, I’ve been using WordPress on some of my other sites for years and I really enjoy working with it. With the transition to WordPress I will be able to administer the site much more easily. For my readers it should be a bit faster and you’ll be able to interact with myself and other readers directly on the site. Anyway, I hope you all like the new look. Enjoy!

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