Moe’s HTPC

This section of my site is devoted to my Home Theater Personal Computer, commonly known as an HTPC. By incorporating a HTPC into your home theater setup you get a tremendous amount of freedom

I am going to use this section to show people the home theater that I have created and share my thoughts on the products that I use.

Much of this section of my site is grossly out of date, I am keeping it here more for archival purposes and just in case any finds the information here helpful. I have mostly moved away from using an HTPC in my Home Theater and now mostly just use separate components. My HTPC still gets used though, I use it primarily for listening to my MP3s, watching videos that I’ve downloaded online and for gaming.

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October 7, 2009

In my on going effort to convert Moe’s Realm over to WordPress I decided to go ahead and update this section as well. This section is kind of ghost town on my site, it never got much traffic and I was never very good about updating it and keeping it current. But with the conversion to WordPress it will be easier for me to administer the site and it should be a bit better for my readers. You all can now leave comments directly on the site so feel free to ask me any questions that you may have. Most of the information in this section is out of date and doesn’t reflect what I have in my current HTPC but hopefully it’s still some use to someone out there, I didn’t want to just kill off the section completely.

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