Japan Day 13: ooops it’s 2:30 in the morning

By the time that I got up everyone was already gone, I spent the morning writing, catching up on emails and other computer stuff. I started watching TV but then I got really hungry. It had been raining pretty much all morning but it seemed to have slowed down to more of a mist so I decided to brave it and walk to the grocery store to get myself some lunch. I figured at the grocery store I could look at what I was buying and wouldn’t have to try and decipher a menu, plus it would be cheaper.

I set out to the store pretty much sure I knew where I was going and thankfully I was right. I found the store with no problem and was relatively dry when I got there. I went to the deli section and got myself some fried chicken (I have eaten a ton of fried chicken since I got here), some gyoza and a blueberry crepe and cream thing for desert.

When you are checking out at a grocery store they are always very polite (everyone here seems to be) and they always tell you the cost of everything which at first freaked me out a bit because I thought they were trying to make conversation with me but quickly realized that wasn’t the case. Anyway, the clerk rang me up and I paid and headed back home to consume my yummy lunch.

I decided to be brave though and tried to go back to their house in way that we had never gone. I never got lost but my new way didn’t work, I ended up having to back track to the way that I came but it was a nice wet albeit a bit cold and wet. I got back and heated up my food then turned on the TV to finish up season two of the UK Office. I wasn’t back long before Susan came home and we chatted for a bit before she had to head off to school. I just continued watching TV till Scott came home.

Scott came home and we watched the special features on the Office and cracked ourselves up. We just hung out until Susan got back from her Cheer leading stuff and then we headed out to dinner.

We went to a place that I really enjoyed and the Chuhais came at a rapid rate. I was drinking grapefruit chuhais and when they came to the table with it they handed me a glass with most of the liquid in it and then half a grapefruit and a juicer. Doesn’t get much fresher than that and the chuhais were great. Scott was getting kiwi chuhais, a flavor I had never seen, and they were quite good and just filled with kiwi pulp. Due to my large lunch I ate rather light and just had a little pizza like thing that was quite good and a couple chicken skewers that had melted cheese on them. The meal and drinks were excellent all around.

We were all feeling rather good tonight so we decided to go to a place that had all you can drink for an hour for 880 yen. Unfortunately for us, they were closed when we got there. We weren’t done yet though so we hit up a place called Doner Backpacks. The place was rather neat looking and they had an excellent Engrish menu. Their drinks were on the expensive side though and the place was dead so we just stayed for one drink.

Here is their menu, you will need to look at the full size to read it though. As an example of the Engrish found on the menu here is the description for Cheese Rolls “Please in the sasparilla source where the cheese was rolled by the skin of rolling in spring”

After Doner Backpackers we looked around for awhile for a cool place to go but nothing was really tickling our fancy so we headed back to Freaks which was went to on Day 7. Freaks is a cool place, they have a nice mix of honky’s and japanese people. The bartender is a sweety that speaks decent English, they have free karaoke and, as I would find out tonight, really good nachos.

We had another great time at Freaks, the Gin and Tonics kept coming, many songs were song. Freaks has a cool thing where the karaoke machine scores your performance. If you can guess your score you get three free shots or one free drink. Since there were three of us we always chose the shots. Thankfully we were smart and got light shots like mudslides and stuff like that and not tequila shooters. We were doing pretty good for awhile at guessing our scores though and quite a few shots came our way. We were having a grand ol’ time when I realized I was getting kind of sleepy. I mentioned this to Scott (who had to work the next morning) so we asked the bartender what time it was. She informed us that it was a bit after 2:00. For some freak reason Scott ordered us another round so we stayed for a bit longer.

I must not have been in a very picture taking mood because I only took one picture at freaks, it’s the bartender singing away.

We finally left Freaks sometime between 2:30 and 2:45 and were back at the house by 3:00. Scott is going to hate himself in the morning, he has to be at work at 8:00.

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