Japan Day 12: Lazy Monday

Much like yesterday we didn’t really do much today. By the time I woke up Scott and Susan were already gone and it was raining so my mobility was pretty much zero. I took the morning and afternoon to do so catching up on my writing for these pages watched some more TV

For lunch I just had some of the frozen pizza that we picked up at the grocery store earlier. It was a little interesting cooking it since the directions were in Japanese but the microwave did the trick. I just hung out and watched some more of the UK Office until Scott came home.

Once Scott was home we hung out and farted around his place. We really didn’t do much of anything today which was fine. I have been spending more money than I had planned to so a couple of cheap days are ok with me.

Eventually it was dinner time and after much deliberation we finally decided to go to a place they call Samurai. It isn’t really called Samurai it just has tons of samurai decorations around the place. We got sat in a very odd little room, I should have taken a picture but it slipped my mind. The room had a really low door which I bonked my head into on the way in, the ceiling was sharply angled and the floor was rocks. We got to keep our shoes on which was a nice change of pace. I don’t mind taking my shoes off at places but sometimes I just don’t want the bother.

The food at Samurai was quite good, they had some really unique gyoza. It was deep fried and there were three or four variations. One of them was stuffed with bacon and cheese and was delicious. Actually, three of the four were really yummy the fourth was a strange spicy thing that was ok but not something I would choose. Scott liked that kind though so it worked out perfectly. The food kept coming and the beverages weren’t far behind. We had yet another excellent meal, seems it’s hard to not have a good meal in Japan.

After dinner we did another Chuhai run and went back to their place and enjoyed a few of them before bed.

It was a nice lazy day.

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