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I have been in the web game for a long time, this site is nearly ten years old. In that time I have been with a number of hosting companies. Some of them been good, some ok and some downright awful. Lunarpages on the other hand has been excellent. I have been with Lunarpages now for about five years and their service has never let me down. I cannot remember the last time any of my sites that I have hosted with them have been down, even for a short amount of time. Every time I have needed to contact support about something my questions were always answered quickly and the answers were helpful. It’s hard to complain about the price either, for $4.95 a month you sure get a lot of stuff (which I will talk about in a bit). Overall, Lunarpages is easily the best host I have ever dealt with, lets take a closer look at what they offer.

Lunarpages has a few different packages available, I am only going to discuss the “Lunarpages Basic Hosting” plan since it is the only one that I have any experience. With the basic plan you get the following: Web Hosting

Lets take a look at this stuff a bit closer.

$700 CoffeeCup Design Software FREE I haven’t taken advantage of this much but there is some cool stuff included. The CoffeeCup Design software includes a bunch of different utilities such as:

CoffeeCup VisualSite Designer which is a WYSIWYG website creator and editor
CoffeeCup Web Video Player This is the one utility that I have gotten the most use out of. This allows you convert most video formats into a flash movie that is incredibly easy to put on your site.
CoffeeCup Live Chat Easily put a chatroom on your site which allows your visitors to speak directly to you in real time.
CoffeeCup RSS News Flash Add RSS news feeds quickly and easily to your site with this. It’s incredibly easy to setup and use.
CoffeeCup GIF Animator Quickly and easily make animated GIFs, the software is very easy to use.
This is just a very small portion of the free CoffeeCup software that you get, for a complete list please visit this link: CoffeeCup Software

1 FREE Domain Name for Life That’s right, when you sign up for Lunarpages they will pay for your domain name for life. At about $8 a year for domain names it’s like getting a month of hosting for free every year.

350 Gigs Storage & 3500 Gigs Data Transfer This is probably more storage than 95% of people will ever need but it sure is nice knowing that it’s available. A lot of hosting companies say that they offer this much space and bandwidth but if you actually use that much they will kick you out saying you are using too much resources. I have personally had over 100 gigs of stuff on my account at one point and I never heard a peep from Lunarpages about me using too much space. Another time one of my sites made it to the front page of Digg and I ended up using over 2,000 gigs of bandwidth for the month. Once again, Lunarpages never even hiccuped or batted an eye, everything went smoothly.

24/7 Award Winning Support Lunarpages prides themselves on their customer service and it really shows. I have had little need to actually talk to their support but everytime that I have they have been a real class act. My questions were answered promptly and accurately. They also have a forum on their site that they allow non members to post in to ask questions before they sign up, a real rarity in the business.

Unlimited Databases Got a complex website that requires a bunch of databases, no need to worry you can have as many as you want!

Unlimited Email/FTP Accounts Got a company and need to give everyone an email address? Want to give out email to all your friends and family? Want to share files with lots of people? No need to worry you can give as many people as you want these things with no need to worry.

Blog, Forum & Photo Gallery With just a few clicks of your mouse you can quickly and easily setup a Blog, a forum or a Photo Gallery. It really couldn’t be much easier than this.

Fantastico (Over 35 Scripts) Probably one of my favorite aspects of hosting with Lunarpages is Fantastico. Using Fantastico you can easily add all sorts of stuff to you website with just a few mouse clicks. Mentioned above you can install Blogs, Forums, Photo Galleries, wikis, guestbooks, content management systems, shopping carts and much more with just a few clicks of the mouse. In total there are over 35 things you can do with Fantastico, it’s a great addition and I wouldn’t go with a hosting company that didn’t offer it. For a full list of the software you can install with Fantastico click here.

JSP/ASP Available Not something I have ever had the need for but if you do then Lunarpages has got you covered.

Spam Protection- IMAP Support I get a ton of spam, Lunarpages offers spam protection that does a hell of a job. It’s not perfect but it probably catches 90% of the spam that comes my way. You can also train it to become better about stopping spam and it’s quite flexible. I only wish that their spam protection made the spammers keyboards explode but I think that is a pipe dream.

Microsoft® Frontpage® Compatible I personally despise Frontpage but if you happen to be a fan Lunarpages supports it.

Dreamweaver Compatible I am a hand coder for the most part but I know a lot of people love Dreamweaver and if you fall into that category Lunarpages has you covered.

Includes 10 FREE Add-on Domains The one thing that I wish Lunarpages was a bit better about. Ten domains is probably enough for 90% of the people out there but I wish they offered unlimited add-on domains like some of the other hosting companies. Still, ten domains is a lot and should suffice for most people out there.

Ruby on Rails 6, PostGReSQL Two more things I don’t use but once again Lunarpages has you covered if you want to use these.

MySQL 4+, PHP 4+ Pretty much every host will have this and Lunarpages is no exception.

MySQL 5 & PHP 5 Available! If you are cutting edge and using the latest and greatest no need to worry, Lunarpages is too.

Free Web Design Templates Not something I have ever used, I do all my own designing. I can’t vouch for the quality of these templates but I am sure they will help out beginning webmasters out there.

Webmail (Horde and Squirrel) Check your email from anywhere that has a internet connection. I no longer even bother using Outlook and do all my mail via Lunarpages (I use Horde).

I really couldn’t be much happier with a hosting company than I am with Lunarpages. The only thing that I wish they had that they don’t is unlimited domain names per account. I actually have two accounts with Lunarpages and both have been pretty much perfect. Lunarpages is excellent about keeping their customers informed about the goings on of their server. They are often upgrading their features, not too long ago they immensely increased the amount of storage space and bandwidth per account. This site uses a decent amount of bandwidth and when things started slowing down a bit Lunarpages moved me to a different server. The cool thing about that, I didn’t even ask, they just told me that they noticed a performance issue with my site and told me that they would be moving it to a server that would better fit my needs. They did all this completely free of charge and I didn’t have to do a thing on my end, it was completely seamless.

I have been with a lot of hosts over the years and Lunarpages is hands down the best that I have ever used. If you are looking to start a web page or if you are dissatisfied with your current host and looking to change give Lunarpages a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Go on over and give Lunarpages and take look at their hosting packages, you won’t be dissapointed. Web Hosting

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